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“I hired Expanded Apps specifically because they could explain the development process to me when other developers could not translate the techspeak for me. Not only did they follow the artwork and style of our film’s campaign, they enhanced it. They turned the messages from the film into fun games. They exceeded my expectations. And, they caught anything that wasn’t working before we ever saw it. We didn’t have any bugs to deal with in the process. OMG, I can’t wait to work with them again! I am always looking for a film project to develop an app with the Expanded Apps team!”

Lynn Hirshfield
SVP Strategic Alliances

Participant Media, Beverly Hills, CA

“Expanded Apps are very good at what they do, they develop quality products and are a pleasure to work with. They make a point to thoroughly understand the content first before they build the app to ensure proper design and functionality. They build very user-friendly and well-reviewed apps. They are always increasing their technical knowledge and incorporating that knowledge into their apps. Expanded Apps takes it upon themselves to update functionality based on their increasing knowledge of best functionality practices. They do not just release an app and let the functionality date over time.”

James Pascale
Former Senior Director, Rights & Permissions, International & Professional

McGraw-Hill Education, New York, NY

“I have worked with Expanded Apps for six years on a number of projects, including conference demonstrations and software development for international markets. The work has always been first-rate and delivered on-time with good ROI. The people are a delight to work with.”

John Svirbely, MD
Vice President for Health Products

Velocity Vue, Inc. Austin, TX

“I would most definitely recommend Expanded Apps to anyone looking to have an app built. I interviewed a dozen app developers that have built apps in a similar genre to mine, then narrowed it down to three app developers. Out of those three, I chose Expanded Apps because Expanded Apps was able to include marketing in the package, not to mention an impressive resumé of clients. Expanded Apps has been great to work with. I can communicate with brute honesty in a professional manner. I'm over-the-moon happy with my choice to employ Expanded Apps.”

Kenneth Ciesla
Creator, Financial Freedom

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