Mobile Pioneers

Expanded Apps was founded in 2008, just a few months after Apple released its SDK to developers. The founders immediately recognized the vast opportunities for mobile and leveraged mobile technology with our experience as trailblazers in emerging industries.

Innovative Problem Solvers

We partnered with innovative and pioneering software engineers who were among the first worldwide to develop apps for the iOS platform. Our early start in mobile gave us the opportunity to forge efficient, agile systems for mobile application development. We inked partnerships with our already established client base of international publishers to assist them in adapting their massive libraries of content to mobile platforms. With our decades of experience in content development and production for print and visual media, we were perfectly positioned to create novel ways of presenting information on small mobile screens.

Content Adaptation Specialists

As the company grew, we expanded from publishing into many other industries, including healthcare, pharma, transportation, education, and entertainment. To date, we’ve developed and successfully launched more than 200 mobile apps and our vast experience handling content sets us apart from other software development firms. We’ve developed a wide range of custom apps, from medical & fitness to business, social action, education, games, & utility apps and are specialists in adapting large amounts of existing, often complex information for mobile platforms. We help conceptualize and brainstorm on how best to adapt content for mobile platforms, we design intuitive and engaging user experiences, and we develop and deliver flawlessly programmed mobile apps.

Trusted Partner

Today, Expanded Apps serves as a reliable and trusted partner to fulfill our government and commercial clients’ mobile app development needs and satisfy their Woman Owned SDB goals.

Let our expertise work for you.

Our Clients/Partners